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Membership in the Idaho Forest Owners Association is open to all forest and non-forest owners.  Annual dues are $45.  There are two membership categories.

Active Members:

Those individuals that own forest land in the State of Idaho can become “Active Members” and have the right to hold an office and to vote on Association policy.

In cases of partnerships, every member of the partnership shall be considered to be a member of IFOA for the purpose of holding office in the Association.  For voting purposes, the partnership as a member-entity is entitled to only one vote.

Corporations which are members of IFOA shall designate one person who shall be able to hold an office and will cast the vote to which the corporation is entitled.

Participating Members:

Individuals that do not own forest land in Idaho, but are interested in the Association and it’s objectives may become “Participating Members”.  This membership classification includes all of the privileges, except for holding office and voting on Association policies.  Participating Members are, however, encouraged to express their opinions as members of the IFOA.

Dues are $45 for each individual, partnership, or corporation.  Please make checks payable to the IDAHO FOREST OWNERS ASSOCIATION.

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