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Idaho Forest Owners Association

Idaho’s Family Forest Owners Growing Together!

Do you have questions about your rights as a property owner? 

Do you want to enhance wildlife diversity on your property?


Do you understand property and estate taxes?

Do you know the best way to grow and market your timber?

These are only a few of the topics of concern to private forest landowners. The Idaho Forest Owners Association (IFOA) is working to find the answers to the many questions relating to private woodlands. IFOA is an association of forest landowners unified in their efforts to promote private forestry in Idaho, and legislation that helps achieve the goals of the Association.

What can IFOA do for you?

Through National Woodlands, Northwest Woodlands (quarterly magazines), the quarterly IFOA Newsletter, and Association sponsored tours and workshops, IFOA can help you keep up with forest management techniques, forest property and estate taxes, and environmental and regulatory issues. Through interaction with other forest landowners, you can share problems, exchange ideas and work toward solutions.

In addition, you can join with other landowners to present a unified stand on private forestry issues and help inform the public on the importance of private forest lands.

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