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2023 Family Forest Landowners & Managers Conference
A good time was had by all!

The 2023 Family Forest Landowners & Managers Conference is ‘in the books.”  This annual gathering brought together 220 forest landowners and forestry professionals for comradery, learning, and sharing of triumphs and tribulations.


It’s always difficult to take in all of the information that is provided during the conference, and this year we are fortunate that our speakers have agreed to share their PowerPoint presentations with our attendees and IFOA members as a post-conference benefit.


You will find below the schedule of presentations as they occurred during the conference.  Click on the underlined title of each presentation below to open a new page which will allow you to view the presentation PowerPoint as a handout.


We hope that this information is helpful to you as you continue on your forest management journey, and, if you weren’t able to join us in 2023, we hope it inspires you to mark your calendar for the 2024 conference (March 26-27, 2024)!


Monday Morning:

"The Feds and Forestry - What's in store?"                                                              Rep. Russ Fulcher

Panel Discussion:  Where's the Money Coming From?

Operators' Want to Know     Kas Dumroese, USFS

The Farm Bill                          Chris Towne &

                                                Chris Johnson, NRCS

The Infrastructure Bill            Archie Gray, IDL

Monday Afternoon:

University of Idaho’s New Two-Year  Degrees                                                           Robert Keefe,

                                                 U. of Idaho                                                                                   

Smoke Management           Mark Boyle, ID DEQ

                                              Heather Heward, IFPC

Fire Readiness Panel:

Herding Cats- One Community’s Fire               

     Readiness Experience     Karen Hayes

Maps of Wildfire Hazard & Risk and Mitigation                                                      Gregory Dillon, USFS

Community Wildfire Protection Plans:               

     What Are They and Why Do They Matter? 

                                               Tyre Holfeltz, IDL                                                          Nick Zahler, Bonner                                                       County BonFire


Tuesday Morning:

Shared Stewardship in Idaho: Plans,                   

     Prescriptions, Performance—

     and Progress!                  Ara Andrea, IDL 


Circle of Stewards:  Three Landowner Stories    

     Dick Wittman, Wittman Farms

     David King, IFOA

     Kennon McClintock, IFOA


Forest Health - Bugs, Crud, and Critters                                                                  Isabella Valdez, IDL


Planting a Forest Panel: 


Choosing the Right Tree for the Right Place                                                          Kas Dumroese, USFS

Planting for Success            Andrew Nelson, U. of                                                    Idaho Pitkin Nursery

When to Plant                      Kennon McClintock,


Tuesday Afternoon:

State Wildlife Action Plan Update                                                                             Rita Dixon, IDFG


Threatened and Endangered:  Plants in Peril                                                          Derek Antonelli, INPS

Steelhead Recovery in Latah County                                                                       Brenda Erhardt,

                                                 Latah SWCD

Wildlife in Managed Settings

                                                 Kenneth R. Bevis,

                                                 WA DNR

Economists just don’t give a dam (sic) !

                                                   Charles McKetta,

                                                   Nora Creek Forest

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