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Forest Seedling Program

Following a timber harvest, responsible forest landowners are in the market for seedlings to replace the harvested trees.  It isn’t always easy to obtain seedlings that are genetically adapted to northern Idaho forests, and that’s where the IFOA Forest Seedling Program comes in.


The IFOA Forest Seedling Program provides a reliable source of genetically superior conifer tree seed to JD Forest Management for the production of healthy forest seedlings to ensure that Idaho forest landowners can obtain properly seed-sourced, healthy seedlings for their afforestation, reforestation, species diversity, forest improvement, restoration, riparian zone maintenance, windbreak, silvopasture or landscaping needs.


To order quality sourced and grown forest seedlings, contact our grower partner, JD Forest Management (JDFM), in Priest River, ID.  JDFM is partnering with IFOA to provide quality seedlings with advanced genetics to private forest landowners.  In addition to tree seedlings, JD Forest Management also offers tree planting services.  For more information, contact Jake Weimer at 208-610-4425 or by email at

PLEASE NOTE:  2023 seedling numbers and species are limited so contact JD Forest Management today if you are planning to plant in the spring.

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